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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What's Next? 

If you've been pondering what I've been pondering lately (what will be the next big development on the web?) you might find this interesting.

Patrick Cox has posted an article on TCS Daily titled The Next Big Thing in which he discusses how the release of Netscape Navigator was instrumental in creating the open Internet we use today, and how the virtual reality of Lawnmower Man has given way to the 3D online environments of Everquest and Second Life.

"Imagine how much more useful your computer experience would be if you were able to design a virtual office as large or complex as you needed, and reach anything in it without leaving your chair. Voice over IP will be integrated, naturally. Your avatar will be your real image, photographed live and enhanced if you don't want to deal with hair or clothing, and you will be able to meet friends and business associates in VW, your places or theirs, as easily as making a phone call. Blogs and punditry will involve virtual talk show and other environments and, with some planning and enough cameras, audiences will be able to visit any place on the globe, from a Baghdad battlefield to a Broadway stage."
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