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Friday, September 08, 2006

Anyone heard of Zimbra? 

Zimbra offers a pretty cool set of tools called their Collaboration Suite. Lot's of drag and drop, calendar sharing, document collaboration, easy email interface. And it integrates in cool ways with Salesforce. Ahhhhh, it's a panacea!

Here's their blurb:
Zimbra is open source server and client software for messaging and collaboration - email, group calendaring (emphasis mine), contacts, and web document management and authoring. The Zimbra server is available for Linux, Mac OS X, appliances, and virtualization platforms. The Zimbra Web 2.0 Ajax client runs on Firefox, Safari, and IE, and features easy integration / mash-ups of web portals, business applications, and VoIP using web services.

I'm curious to hear what others think of this. Is this type of thing secure? Is it something we could use here at the Economist?
I read a review of Zimbra about a year or so back. I think they demoed it at some big tech conference and it got lots of praise back then.

It's meant to be really neat and I think that Gmail pinched a lot of its features.

Tom Shelley
Go to Techcrunch (link on the right) and search for Zimbra. It's newer than Gmail (so they may have "pinched" some of Gmail's features, Tom) and is an Open Source project rather than a hosted application such as Gmail or Writely.
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