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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Leopard gets Ruby 

This is kinda interesting. Ruby on Rails is a development framework for web apps and I suppose (don't shoot me down here) is the open source (GPL) equivalent of .net.

Ok, do shoot me down!
Ruby on Rails looks good and reads good for petmarket stores and other sample applications that language developers develop to prove their new application is great. If you tried to put it's MVC approach to work on something bigger than a pet shop you need to build custom caching layers in to get it to stay up. It does go some way towards separation of concerns though. Would you take the plunge and adopt it at enterprise level when it doesn't look like anyone else has? The people who make it don't count.

We are on ColdFusion on the "common web platform" or "common web problem" as Ron Diorio calls it. ColdFusion gets acused of the same things Ruby on rails does but we have it scaling to 15M+ pages, with a caching layer, a month on only three or four servers. The languages are similar in the sense you can knock out a site or app in a few days, but now CF is moving in a more structured way and plugs into enterprise Java. Ruby on Rails isn't ready yet to compete in reality with PHP and ColdFusion.

People are trying to build rails for ColdFusion. In essence we have a framework that's 5 years old that does MVC and to be honest out of the box it's better than rails. I would say that, the team I work in wrote it. Don't know why it suddenly got popular to do this stuff. You can't just go buy a good website from the high street. Web sites aren't Poodles.

In fact our CMS is similar to CCI, in the way you can fully build your layout and menus and those menus go recursively go back to fetch the next layer. Originally our CMS only did that to layer content, now the whole platform, including code can be layered separately and interact through our defined interfaces. I should write a blog post about that one day.

That'll help you sleep!
the other actual open source .net

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