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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

BlackBerry 'kill pill' not marketed well 

I realised a while ago that RIM have done a very poor job of marketing the functionality of the BlackBerry service to corporates. In their haste to target the consumer directly, they push the look of devices and assume that techies will go ahead and implement.

The fact is that us geeks have been looking for something that does exactly what the BlackBerry Enterprise Server does for ages - that is, allow easy secure management of handheld devices.

As proof of this marketing hole, despite the functionality described in this article existing for the BlackBerry, the author seems unaware of the fact.

Oh, and it works.

As a sideline to this story, I chuckled when a colleague who is a fervent non-BlackBerry user tried recently to send an e-mail and failed. Whatever you think of the BlackBerry, it does mail pretty reliably. RIM now need to set about convincing the unconvinced of the superiority of their product and ensuring that they stay ahead of the pack.
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