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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

VIsta may actually be quite good 

Well, the headline on slashdot was "Why Vista Won't Suck" which is even more unexpected. The posting refers to an ExtremeTech article that goes into some "under the hood" details on what makes Vista a big step up from XP. Well worth a read.

It also highlights what was not quite right with the way that Life2 showed Vista - we (a reasonably techie audience) were shown how Vista allowed the user to scroll through cascaded open windows (in exactly the same way that you can with XP and the Alt-Tab PowerToy but with each app. appearing in a bigger window).

Incidentally, I noticed that when I downloaded an updated PowerToy and the beta of IE7 for my home machine, an applet kicks in to check that a "Genuine" copy of Windows is installed. Not sure how this works, but as downloading software becomes more the norm, I expect to see more of this.
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