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Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Economist in print is dead 

It's official according to Jeffrey Cole, Director of the Cente for the Digital Future at USC. His description of The Economist as a news magazine immediately undermined his argument, but made me wonder why we proudly still call it a newspaper.

Apparantly internet users spend an hour less than non-users reading newspapers and the wisdom is that when a newspaper reader dies they aren't being replaced. Lifestyle mags may survive as the content is less commoditised.
It interests me, this idea that content is becoming a commodity...rather heretical for us perhaps. But you can see it in a lot of places from the balance of power shifting from creative to media agencies, publishers' attitudes to the 30,000 or so novels published every year and the stories people go to on newspaper web sites (for the Mail a picture of Elizabeth Hurley in a bikini is much more popular than the Linda Lee Potter column).
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