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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Supernova Office?

This Sun and Google call rumoured to be to annouce a web version of Sun Office accessible via a browser....
It was all a bit chummy with not very much substance. The only specific announcements were that the Google Toolbar will be available as a JRE download and that Google will be buying more SUN kit. Eric Schmidt hinted that some kind of Office-type web service is on the cards and that Google will be "helping" make distribution of OpenOffice more widespread.

I think that Google are really focusing on getting Google onto desktops as the start for every search. The toolbar already has a search "Current site" dropdown which renders individual site search facilities (like those on CFO.com, Economist.com etc.) redundant and now enables indexing of networked drives too. (The good thing about the latter is that you don't have to see that stupid dog that some chump at Microsoft thought would make searching your hard disk easier.)

What the Toolbar does is enable Google to monetise every search that you perform rather than just those on the web and it provides a single place to conduct any search irrespective of where the data is.
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