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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

THE Return of the PVR

SO I got my PVR working although in a truly pants geek way.

I had to buy a new motherboard to get it working properly, which completely destroys the whole aspect of having a PVR for £50. But hey ho, I now have a pc hidden behind the tv and you can't see e.t.c which was a key thing for the lady of the house who already thinks a 32" tv is too big.

I tread carefully when putting big shiny white boxes with untidy cables hanging anywhere.

My only problem now is that I don't have enough scart slots on the tv to have all the things put in. I may need to get a cable switcheroo thingamijig. Are they any good? I want one with a remote, if they are not automatic, which will probably push me over the edge of my enforced acceptable levels of plastic in living room quota.

I love timeshifting and have decided that I'm going to use it for live sports and wait a suitable amount of time so I don't have to listen to half time babble about tunnel bust ups. The only problem here is if I here my neighbours cheering I'll know a goal is coming, this is slightly less horrific than the whole of Saturday night telling people not to tell me football results only to over hear how well "Terry Henry" did at the bar.

The horror of a ruined Match of the Day. Hopefully I have PVR va va voom.
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