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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Google competition hots up

Two more developments in the search wars....

On 9th July Yahoo! bought Oddpost, a web-based e-mail application. The best way to describe it is Outlook in a browser. Yahoo! are going to use the Oddpost team to create an upgraded Yahoo! mail product with two Gb storage and search capabilities...

Blinkx launched its beta product this week. This runs as a client and has a definite Autonomy feel to the way it works - Suranga Chandratillake was CTO there for three years. It's very beta, but has the attraction of being able to index your e-mail (not GroupWise, though) and local documents. The Autonomy-like bit is that it looks for patterns within text or video to find related items. All those (sometimes strange) article links under SEE ALSO on BBC news stories are Autonomy generated.


Don't look at the almonds for too long (from Good Experience). The image is a static .gif.
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