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Monday, December 22, 2003


Just to prove that this blog is ahead of the game, here's what Sari succinctly wrote on 19 Dec 2003:

One of the ongoing debates that I find fascinating regarding technology is whether our capability to communicate effectively is advancing or digressing as a result of increased usage in the business and personal realm. PowerPoint either makes you daft [Ed: a full discourse is here if you don't have access to premium NYT content] or a new type of artist, depending on who is doing the writing. The day has come where InformationWeek is reporting on which IM acronyms are most used in the corporate workplace. And Malaysia has upheld a divorce obtained via text messaging using a mobile phone. As consumer use of technology pervades everyday life, The Economist Group may someday communicate with our audience in new ways, such as subscriptions bought using mobile devices and feedback from readers via text messages.

And this from John Naughton, written on 21 Dec 2003 (and he's no slouch).
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