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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Fix for my XP problem?

Maybe I should install Longhorn? . I'm sure I was told that it wouldn't be out until 2007. BTW no one has come up with a fix yet.

IM makes you more productive

[From Alistair or Allan - can't remember which!]

Now that I've got your attention, AT&T have found that IM is rarely used for social purposes in an office environment (well 6,4% - I'll have to remember that as a guide, as in "our website is rarely down" = 23 days a year!). And what lies beyond IM? Lilsys sounds useful for determining when to tell your better half that you're not going to the in-laws for Christmas.

Iconic computing

Can a computer be iconic in the same way that the Fender Stratocaster (win one here) and Concorde are? Post suggestions to the forum (Discuss on the right) and I'll set up a poll to decide the top candidate.
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