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Thursday, July 24, 2003

XP can damage your CPU

Really! Take a look at this item form the latest edition of Fred Langa's LangaList newsletter. Some other interesting stuff in there including a link to updated Power Toys for XP (inlcudes TweakUI). The article in Information Week referred to reminded me of the first 1GHz chip. It was a DEC Alpha and it was "clocked" by a company (whose name eludes me at the moment) that sold refrigerated units with all the processor components included. The Alpha chip was ahead of its time speed wise anyway (with clock speeds of around double the fastest AMD/Intel offerings) and still lives on with the upcoming Itanium from Intel.

This article from Hardware Central outlines how you can have a go at supercooling today (not using your office PC, please).


In the item on 802.3af I said that the maximum allowed voltage was 5V; in fact it's 48V (which makes sense as that's what digital 'phones use). The Guardian has a very positive piece on the standard and a link to PocketWatch, whose software is a kind of PCAnywhere client for your mobile 'phone.

For those that didn't read the original post fully, this is power over ethernet, not ethernet over power lines.
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