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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Underground technology - part 1

London Underground (LUL) are piloting a system that will allow staff to be alerted to odd behaviour on stations, reports the Times. It works by comparing images as time passes, so that, for example, it can identify someone who is loitering by recognising that they have remained in the same position without getting on a train. Less advanced technology has been in use for some time now to save on video tapes connected to CCTV systems, so that only images that change are recorded. Still a bit big brother, though. It's being trialled at Liverpool Street and Mile End, so watch out you central Line commuters!

Underground technology - part 2

Well, not really underground specific, but even though we all know that most ATMs run Windows, it's still funny to see a Windows DHCP error dialogue box "Could not obtain IP address" on one. Spotted on the Nationwide ATM in the booking hall at Green Park station this morning.
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