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Monday, May 19, 2003

This is the first post to a blog aimed at Economist Group IT staff. Hopefully it will prove interesting, stimulating and educational and maybe irreverent. I hope to update at least once a week.

Apart from waiting for my Olympus C40-Zoom to be replaced by a C50-Zoom (the C40 takes great photos, is quite easy to use, but has failed twice) I'm mulling over what to replace my ancient (is there a museum that would take it?) Handspring Visor with. I'm torn between a phone which has some PDA functionality, like the Ericsson P800 and a PDA that has a phone bolted on, like the Handspring Treo (or do I want WiFi? - the Palm Tungsten C is getting nice things said about it).

Any ideas? I'm leaning towards the latter (not necessarily the Handspring) with the though that I mostly use the PDA for work and can use my existing SIM card in it during the week, but put it back in my Ericsson T68 at weekends etc.

Of course, this convergance of technology (it's getting there anyway!) can cause headaches for IT departments. How do we support PDAs? Do we standardise on one model (.. or brand .. or OS)? In the end we need to make sure that we can support the things that people will want to use their PDA/phones for when they're using them for business, whatever the make. The last time I looked, we didn't all have the same make and model of 'phone on our desks. Yes, if you want to be able to conference in three people on one call you may need some instructions on how to do it, but you don't generally need to be told how to call someone else for a one to one.

There's a lot of hype about The Matrix Reloaded (even a short piece in The Economist this week; about which I'll say no more), but an article in The Register is interesting in that it outlines how Trinity does some "real" hacking in the film. Make sure those patches are applied!

Note: if you can't get at premium content on Economist.com give yourself access.

That gives me another thought; for those that aren't aware of it, tinyurl.com is neat. That same reference to the Intranet can look like this: http://tinyurl.com/c3vc.

How depressing.
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