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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Way cool Gmail feature 

I've been using Gmail for domains for seven months and it's been a bit like the beginnings of a romance. First of all, every day you find something great about it that you didn't know before. Then every week.

And then this....

You can create pseudo addresses. What's that you ask?

Well it means that you can sign up to services with unique e-mail addresses so that any mail from them still comes into your mailbox. BUT, you now know where any sold-on addresses came from (using Gmail's filters).

So, in the case of my projectrestripe.com account:


will also get to me, but if the address gets harvested I will know where it came from. Now, I'm sure that pretty soon services will start to defeat this, but for now it's fantastic.

See Aaron Lynch's blog entry for the lowdown.
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