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Friday, October 20, 2006

At last IE 7 makes it to our desktops 

IE 7 was finally released to the masses. Albeit not by auto-update, you must go to their site and download it. It will make it to the auto-update site in November.

This is the first time I’ve taken a look at it. I have to say it is quite impressive. I’ve had one crash thus far which was according to the pop-up flash 9.

I’ve also installed a couple of the IE add-ons. The first WebMon is good, it alerts you to updated pages. Something which I feel has been lacking for sometime. I’m using it at the moment to track updates to some homepages and it’s working out well. Also looks like you can set it to build a feed to then track… The only other one I’ve used is fiddler which allows you to see the http traffic. It seems good. Whilst they are ‘add-ons’ they’re actually run as stand-alone programs from the start menu which I find odd…

It is nice having multiple homepages, meaning you get tabs immediately. This is pretty nifty. As is the built in feed system. Although my favourite has to be the search. With the ability to learn and ad in new search systems this is useful, I’ve now got one for Economist.com which is rather nice. Does mean there is a knock on to developers though not to change the URL system, which is of considerable concern.
But I think the clear type fonts which come down with it are possibly the best feature.

Recommend you give it a shot…

-- Rob

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