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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Google desktop 

The new X1 laptops come with Google desktop preinstalled. They also direct the user to a Dell welcome splash the first time Internet Explorer is run. Two points:
1) Google desktop constantly indexes everything so we remove it while building the laptop.
2) Is it legal to have unsolicited splash screens on any device Dell sell? And, what is the point anyway, since once you have already bought a Dell they will bombard you with "literature" anyway?

What are people's views on Google products preinstalled, and splash screens on browsers, from the manufacturers of PC's...?
1) You can pause the indexing.
2) No different to what they did with IE defaulting to the MSN search engine for incorrectly spelt urls or using other Microsoft tools such as Media Player. It's pretty easy to swap associations around (since anti-trust rulings were made). And the stupid MS dog is absolutely useless.

I saw that Google had signed a deal with Acer to provide search too. The Dell deal is rumoured to be worth up to $1bn to Dell and applies to all machines, I think. Made official earlier this year.
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