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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Where Have I been and what have I been doing? 

It's been a while since I've posted on EcoblogIT. The whole NY IT move to Active Directory has been consuming my time.
I have also been beta testing alot Microsoft and Google are beta crazy these days. I've been playing around with Vista beta 2 and its a very stable and a neat O/S. Office 2007 is really nice I like it alot. Microsoft Live mail is just Hotmail w/ 2GB storage nothing special. I did beta Microsoft Live for Domains. If you own a domain and want free email then just point your RX record to microsoft and then you can have name@yourdomain.com and read it through a hotmail login page. After setting up accounts for my family and using it for two months Google e-mails me saying they are now beta testing the same but through a gmail account. So I repointed my RX to gmail and started using that. I have more controll w/ the Gmail then Microsoft and plus the shared calender is always a plus w/ two kids and trying to figure out where they are each day for the summer vacation.
Google also asked me to beta Picasa Photo Album online which is nice to share photos w/ frienda nd family. I tried the Google spreadsheet online but Office will always blow away any online office suite.

Some links if people are intrested:


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