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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Pharm Phishing

Apparently phishing is old news in the fickle world of Internet security trends. Phishing has now morphed into Pharming according to the people who dream up brilliant new words like phishing and pharming.

Pharming appears to be a trendy way of describing a DNS poisoning attack where hackers are able to manipulate legitimate DNS records to redirect users to a fraudulent website where they will steal your identity, bank account details and ruin your life completely. No Phishing e-mail need be sent to ensnare you in the phishing net.

One method to protect yourself from a phishing attack is to download the Netcraft toolbar which will provide you the geographical location of the webserver you are browsing, provide a risk rating for the website and allow you to submit questionable URL's to the Netcraft community for inclusion on the block list.

Good anti-Phishing!
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