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Friday, March 11, 2005

How to put out an electrical fire with water!

For our new computer room at RLS we need a fire protection system. Traditionally this was Halon, FM200 or another type of gas, however these gas systems are potentially harmful to people, environmentally unfriendly and one by one being banned from use, and therefore unlikely to last the lifetime of our computer room. A water sprinkler system will put out the fire but also ruin the equipment at the same time. So the latest answer is a Fogtec water mist system. The surprising thing about this is that you can use it on live electrical equipment with damaging it or risking electrical shock! I still find this difficult to believe. Anyway it’s a positive technology development in that it is cheaper than gas systems, safe for people and doesn’t harm the environment. To understand how it works see: http://www.fogtec-international.com/static/fogtec/en/Forschung_Entwicklung/technologie/index.html
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