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Thursday, January 27, 2005

GPS and kids

As a parent of two grade school children, I believe that one of the worst nightmares you have is your child missing. My wife and I always take about
Lo-Jack for kids. For those who are unfamiliar with Lo-Jack it’s a car recovery system. If someone steals your car the police are able to track it. Now being a former Merchant Mariner I have used GPS a lot sailing around the world, so I thought they should incorporate GPS in a device for your child. Well low and behold a company out in California had the same idea as me. The product they came up with is Wherify Wireless Personal Locator. Basically it’s a watch that you put on your child wrist and it has GPS tracking. You are able to track them through a website or in an emergency 800 number. These watches are cut resistant and need a key to take off the wrist. Talk about big brother watching. ‘I need to know if Johnny is at school today’…..BAM…just check the website.
Pretty cool but expensive, but will this give you a better piece of mind.

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