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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Sex, lies, and Earth Station 5

�oh, and Kylie, Norah, Paul, Robbie, Radiohead, Chingy et. al.

The music and media industries in an online world

So, it is illegal to use KaZaA, Earth Station 5, and all the Napster imitation technologies (sorry peer to peer). There are two articles that address these issues, one from the Economist Christmas issue where I, in true internet fashion, "borrowed" the title of this story, or part of it anyway (you will need to login) and one from CFO Europe, February 2004, cover story.

More stories from CFO Europe

All IT related.

Getting rid of it (or, what to do with the old PCs when you buy new ones)

Spying (IT security for corporations)

Microsoft (late, again�.?)

I promise something more positive about Microsoft next week. Meanwhile, please find below some interesting statistics:


You may have heard about the Economist having launched a
latte index to accompany the Big Mac index. You may find that there is a similar concept behind the two indices introduced below, and hopefully they will let us have a look at how many people link their webpages, or make references to the Economist Group websites; WLU therefore stands for who loves us.

The second index is a comparison of the economist website with the web sites of publications that are US or Europe based and have similar content (or at least aspirations) like us. However, for those of you who speak the language these publications are in, I strongly recommend to browse through them� so, UAT stands for Us and Them.

de 4 February 2004

Many many thanks to Donald Hoonan for making the graphs in Economist house style and to John Neeson for kindly parking them on his personal webspace.

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