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Wednesday, September 10, 2003


I was going to do a piece on who really owns what bits of UNIX, Unix and Linux. Instead I'll kill two birds with one stone and point you at Wikipedia. If you know better - go ahead and change the entry. Wikipedia's server(s) are a bit unreliable right now, so if you can't get to Wikipedia and want to know more about wikis take a look at the first ever wiki site.

Diary blog

I'm trialling (well I've paid for my first month after the 30 day trial) TypePad as a personal (for my eyes only) blog. The functionality is much richer than Blogger (which this is on) and you can password protect blogs. I'll let you know how I get on.

Summer break

EcoblogIT hasn't been updated for a while beacuse of holidays. I booked everything on the web - two flights, train travel and five hotels. If you want to see what an integrated train travel booking site should look like, visit SNCF. I booked four trips and received the tickets, posted in France, three days later.

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